About us

mixies World grew out of our original family business "Genetipetz" that we founded in 2012 via KickstarterFunded on KickStarter  Back then, we wanted to create the coolest plush toys where kids could combine several animals into their very own unique mixed up stuffed animal.  Fast forward, and we are taking that original idea into the digital world with the expansion of mixies World. 

mixies World is an interactive virtual world that encourages imagination through fun games, exploration, and the creation of wacky mixed up pets.  We believe that all animals are precious to the delicate balance of our Earth's ecosystem, and it is through the diversity of all life that we can enjoy such a beautiful and rich World.

But's let's have some fun too!  Humans have been mixing up animals for millenia.  Ancient cultures drew pictures on cave walls of fantastic creatures that combined elements of many different animals they had encountered in their daily lives.  They also created stories to give personality to their imagined mythical creations.  In the 21st century, we also see the development of hybrid creatures; both imagined and even in real life through advances in bioengineering. 

Creating new animals is fun, and we think creating new hyrbids is actually an expression of our deepest respect for the unique qualities of all forms of life, and how those qualities contribute to our entire ecosystem.  So join us in mixies World and let's adopt and create some fantastic animals today!